The Story So Far...

So this is the introductory journal entry for the Ashrune campaign.

The story began with two dragonborn of the Pelorian clergy: Obsidia, the paladin and Volrain, the cleric. Due to coincidental circumstances, they came across the genasi wizard Coyle and the Eladrin warlock Vyrsonik.

The party began their journey in the town of Veraccis, where a tiefling was robbing the locals. The tiefling, when he was apprehended by city guards, dropped an amulet bearing the symbol of the goddess Mystra, who has been regarded as missing for centuries.

Coyle and Vyrsonik were intrigued by the amulet, and upon further inspection discovered that it was a planar clock, capable of telling time in the Feywild and the Shadowfell.

Sadly, it does little on the material plane.

After an unsuccessful interrogation of the tiefling, the party narrowly avoided disaster as the tiefling violently and explosively escaped from prison with a wyvern. The mysterious pair headed westward, and the party followed.

They reached the port city of Morkova without incident, but found that the tiefling and his mount had taken little time in the town: just long enough to slaughter several guards and nearly all of the clergy in the temple of Pelor.

Vyrsonik took this time to report on the tiefling, the amulet and the party to the Eladrin magistrate in Morkova. Here he discovered that the “tiefling” was actually, in all likelihood, a drow, hidden enemies of the Eladrin, and secret from the rest of the surface world.. He was also charged with taking Coyle, the genasi, to Sharkas: The City of Doors, to be tested. The test and the reason for the test were left vague.

Incidentally, the Pelorians, Obsidia and Volrain, had already been charged with investigating the tiefling and the amulet. Because Coyle had taken a particular interest in the amulet, the party decided to journey together until they reached the Tumultuous Sea, a virtually-uncrossable stretch of water separating the main continent from Sharkas. Eladrin being the exception, no organization or people knew that the fabled City of Doors existed except as a myth.

They traveled across the sea to the next western continent, and upon finding themselves broke, accepted a job from a man to stop lizardfolk from attacking his home. The party made their way to the local tribe and discovered that the lizardfolk had never once antagonized the man, and were in fact angry that they had recently been molested by someone matching the description of the man who had hired the party.

The party, not a group to enjoy being made fools of, confronted the man, who attacked them. They discovered that the man had been saved by the wyvern-riding drow, and commanded to kill the lizardfolk in the area. Also, Vyrsonik was unable to stop the rest of the party from finding out about the existence of the drow, which was a carefully-concealed secret from the rest of the world.

Still, he explained much to the rest of the party about the drow, and their war with the Eladrin.

The party journeyed back to the lizardfolk chief, only to be attacked en route by a group of lizardfolk bearing different markings, and found the lizardfolk tribe destroyed entirely. They only found one survivor, who told them that the attackers came from Mount Zholm, a volcano.

When the party investigated, they found many orcs, hobgoblins and kobolds serving a red dragon. After an extended fight, the dragon gave the party a chance to explain their presence. The dragon, named Kain, explained that a drow had offered him land and influence once the drow had conquered the surface, and that the drow was recruiting other dragons to assault the Eladrin capital city, Kalethas.

Here, Vyrsonik had to come clean about the existence of Sharkas and the party’s journey, including Coyle’s test, and the fact that the Pelorians were really just along for the ride.

Kain showed the party to a previously inactive portal that lead to the city of Fort Moiety, located on the main continent south of Kalethas.

And that’s the story so far. More detailed journal entries will be posted later, as well as information on everything currently red-marked here.


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