Coyle is a Genasi wizard.

During the adventure, Coyle discovered that his conception occurred during the war between the the Dragons and the Drow. The dragons’ combined magical power created an abberant field of magic that eventually turned into a portal to the Elemental Chaos. The storm that occurred in that area gave birth to Coyle.

He attempted to warn the rest of the surface world about the drow invasion that threatened it, but the Eladrin interrupted his messages and gave him a stern warning about threatening the stability of the world, because they feared that the people would simply dissolve into mass panic and confusion.

Later he discovered that they were scrying through his eyes and ears, seeing and hearing what he was seeing and hearing. Recently the spell on his eyes was removed by Mystra.


He arrived crying and shrieking on the day of a storm near the farming community of Hamrabi. With a population of less than 100, the Eladrin saw no need to construct a spire nearby: the closest town where one was necessary was Sabra, where a wizard’s academy was located.

Fortunately for the blue, sparking infant, the locals didn’t fear him. Because he arrived during the first storm following a five-year drought, they believed him a harbinger of storms and rain. He was raised by clergy of Kord and Pelor, and his full name is Straph Din Coyle, or Child of the Storm in Dwarven, the chief language spoken by the Kord priests.

For a time, he was sheltered. His life consisted of being worshiped a good deal of the time and receiving gifts of food. Like the storm, however, he was anxious to get out as much as possible and explore the land. When he was ten, his sharp intellect was made apparent when he convinced the priests keeping watch over him that as a child of the storm, he needed to know the land he blessed, lest his power over the rains wane.

That did the trick, and he was given freedom to wander the farms and woods near the town. He spent a great deal of his time just looking at various plants and animals, determining how the flora and fauna interacted with each other.

But his interest shifted a great deal when he met a young girl named Annette. She was the daughter of one of the farming families who spent very little time worshiping Coyle, preferring to just keep working the land like they had for centuries. This didn’t bother him, if anything he was tired of constantly being approached by people who were sincerely thanking him for the good harvest that year, even though he was beginning to suspect that he had no real control over the weather.

Coyle and Annette were good friends for the next few years. However, Annette had another admirer: Russ Canton. He felt as if Coyle was stealing away “his girl”. At first, he believed that Coyle was actually a devil playing a trick on the community. But Coyle was the bringer of rain and good fortune, and no matter what Russ did, he couldn’t act against the child messiah.

When Coyle and Annette were 15, and beginning to get into the spirit of romance, Russ acted. His anger at Coyle had eventually shifted focus. Instead, he was angry at Annette, and thought of her as a temptress who was wrapping Coyle around her finger so that he would bless her family with especially good fortune.

So he started spreading rumors about her and her family. At first, nobody bought into them, but then he revealed that she was getting awfully close to Coyle, the child messiah. Surely mixing with a common girl was beneath a young god. The priests had no idea that Coyle was involved with the girl, and tried very hard to get Coyle to stop spending time with Annette.

For a time, Coyle agreed to distance himself from her if the town would leave her family alone. He insisted that she was just a good person who wanted a friend, and he was more than glad to be one for her. So the people accepted this, and Coyle and Annette put a hold on their budding romance.

Until Coyle turned 17. At this point, he whole-heartedly believed that he was not the bringer of rain and good fortune. He had been studying nature and the weather for a long time. He knew that the original drought was caused by unseasonably warm weather, and planned on revealing this information to the town….albeit after he was away in the confines of the wizard’s academy in Sabra.

He planned on taking Annette with him. She had demonstrated a knack for speaking with people, and had a sharp mind as well. So he hoped that the two of them could make a life together in Sabra. When he told her, she was more than happy to go along with his plans. They planned their trip in secret, until Russ found a discarded note from Coyle.

Russ was at first enraged that Coyle was going to leave them, but in his anger-induced stupidity, he realized that it was all Annette’s fault. He killed her weeks before she and Coyle were going to leave for Sabra, only moments before Coyle discovered Russ standing over her dead form, a sledgehammer splattered with her blood in the boy’s hands.

At first dumbfounded, and then powered with a grief-stricken fury, Coyle killed Russ after a short fight by calling down the power of storm on the murderer. Witnesses from the town found him crying over Annette in the pouring rain, the remains of the Canton barn scattered around him and Russ’s charred corpse smoldering nearby.

He left the next day, sullen and heavy-hearted. When the priests tried to stop him, he yelled at them, cursing their stupidity and ignorance of the natural world, explaining in a hate-filled rant that nature was its own guide. Neither gods nor men could control the weather, and that his appearance on that day was a mere coincidence.

After he left, the town panicked at first, but came to realize that he was right: the rains continued as they had, albeit for a time they were heavier than usual.

His enrollment at the wizard’s academy was easy: he was allowed free tuition, room and board so long as he submitted to the wizard professors’ study, which he was fine with.

Coyle was slightly mistaken about the control of weather, but he didn’t know until he enrolled at the wizard’s academy. Still, he discovered that there were few ways to control the weather over a long-time period, especially without the aid of powerful magic held only by the primordial spirits of the world.

For three years he studied diligently, becoming incredibly active when discussing the world and his place in it, but being close-mouthed and snappy otherwise. He had few acquaintances, and only a few that considered him a friend. Still, as time went on Coyle managed to put his dark past behind him as he became a full-fledged wizard. When he turned 21, he manifested a new mark of his elemental heritage: fire.

During spell practice one day, he focused too hard on unleashing the fire within him after the professor suggested that he focus on a time when he had experienced explosive, fiery rage. Of course he thought of Annette’s murder, and the room was set ablaze. This was foreseen ahead of time, and the fire was quickly put out, but the professors were now even more interested in the young Genasi. He decided that their interest was bothersome, so he moved once again.

This time he stopped in a town with a church dedicated to the god of knowledge, Ioun. They accepted him as an apprentice priest when he brought notes he had written on nature, weather, magic and himself, as well as research notes the wizards had written about the tests they put him through. The new church accepted him as a child of magic, and left it at that.

Soon after, he embarked on a journey of discovery and research, not uncommon for new priests of Ioun. The journey began when he encountered clergymen of Pelor, two dragonborn named Obsidia and Volrain, and an Eladrin warlock named Vyrsonik in the town of Veraccis. A tiefling thug dropped a symbol of the goddess Mystra, who had been regarded as missing for centuries.

His interest and curiosity piqued, Coyle threw himself into the adventure that awaited him.


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