Shy'aire Starblade

Shy’aire Starblade is a mysterious Eladrin rogue. Quiet and short tempered the few times she speaks are laced with sarcastic and stinging remarks. No one knows anything about her or even where she came from.

Loyal to her people and their ideas she protects them viciously. Her own agenda may or not be part of the Eladrin system. She hates Drow with a passion, to the point of going into a berserker mode when she sees them. She has little care for the people and countries outside the FeyWild, only their uses to accomplish her own goals.

She worships Sehanine for protection while she is in shadow and the grace to destroy those who would harm others.


Born Shy’aire Windrider, she is the only child of a wealthy family native to the FeyWild. Her family had little desire in political affairs preferring to make music and art. They instilled these ideas in their daughter.

By the age of 15 Shy’aire was a regular request to entertain and gatherings. She was shy and soft spoken but when she sang her true nature shined. Extremely talented at anything musical she captivated anyone who heard her music or watched her dance. Before she was even of age marriage proposals came from all around, the wealthiest including scores of gifts to try to persuade her family.

On the day Shy’aire became an adult a marriage proposal like no other came. It had no gifts and came only in a simple envelope. There was no addressee or name, only the crest of one of the highest noble families. It was a request from the Starblade clan, for their youngest son. Solarian Starblade a member of the Eladrin military. He was known as a master strategist and weapons master, but also as a recluse who allowed few around him. While Shy’arie’s family was wealthy they were not nobility. The request could not be ignored. An acceptance letter was dispatched post haste even though it was odd that a family like the Starblades would marry a common Windrider.

Shy’aire had no idea what to expect when she met her future husband. While his name was known, she had never seen him before. A meeting was arranged for the families to discuss the engagement with the newly betrothed couple in tow. She found that she did recognize him. He often was at her concerts sitting in the back only moving until the performance was over. When the two were left alone, Shy’aire patiently waited for him to speak. Her own shy nature could never allow her to initiate a conversation with a noble. Solarian spent the entire visit reading, he barely paused to look at her. At the end of the day, she was fairly sure she was just a collectable, something rare and pretty for a noble’s collection. She had no illusion about her future but as long as she could sing and play her instruments she knew she would be fine.

The wedding was as fabulous as a wedding could be. Solarian left just shortly after the vows, not returning for no less than a month. Shy’aire’s life pretty much returned to normal, her husband’s family had not minded her returning to her work. However they did insist, that she lived up to her new name and learned the art of swordsmanship. When Solarian returned, she had mastered the longsword as it was little different to dancing. She tried to impress her husband by practicing in the courtyard. He never noticed. The only times she saw him was at meals and bed, though he always slept on the floor.

It went on like this for many years, and Shy’aire found herself increasingly lonely. In all this time, her husband had never said a word to her. Though plenty of Eladrin men showed her lots of attention, she feared being disgraced too much. One evening she was summoned to the house of a human noble to play. Out of courtesy she told her husband (now general) that she was going. Like always he paid her little mind.

Shy’aire decided to walk since it was a nice evening and the house wasn’t far. Before she could get there she was attacked by thieves. She drew her sword only to be shot by a paralyzing spell. Before her attackers could hurt her a shadow fell and defeated them all. Shy’aire looked up to see her husband standing over her protectively. He turned to her and gave her a potion. She watched as he looked over her to make sure she wasn’t hurt then turned her toward home. She began to ask questions to which she received silence. Shy’aire began to get angry. She started yelling at him demanding explanations, Solarian only stood there silently. Finally she could take no more, balled her hands into fist to hit him. Like a viper he caught her hands before they could strike him. Weakly she dissolved into tears. Falling to her knees she sobbed uncontrollably. Until Solarian lifted her face. He touched his throat and shook his head.

Solarian was mute.

Once home he gave her letters that he had written. The earliest dated the night before their wedding. He sat at his desk and began to write. In the letters it talked about how he loved her concerts, how much he fell in love with her, and how happy he was that she was his wife. Some apologized how he had tricked her into marrying him. All express remorse for him being imperfect and how he could not tell her what he felt himself. When she was done he handed her his newest letter. It was very simple. He apologized for not giving her his letters sooner and if she no longer wished to be his wife he would understand.

Shy’aire embraced her husband for the first time. It didn’t matter to her that he could not speak, she fell in love with him a long time ago, she just hadn’t realized it.

Life got much better after that. He often wrote her letters when he was gone. When he was home he wrote little notes to her until she knew exactly what he was saying just by a look or a gesture. When he was home she either played for him or he would teach her the art of war. He no longer slept on the floor. They even began to discuss starting a family. Shy’aire had never been happier.

Word came that a Drow raid had killed many just outside the FeyWild border. Solarian was summoned to control the raid and rescue the survivors. Before he left he gave Shy’aire a letter to reassure her it was routine, that he would be home soon. He kissed her and left.

Weeks went by until a military messenger came. He told Shy’aire that the general was missing and presumed dead. All that they could find was his sword. He apologized and left. Shy’aire clutched the sword in shock and grief. The rest of her family, from his side and hers, tried to comfort her but it did not help. She wanted those responsible, she wanted her husband back. She tailored her grieving clothes in to traveling clothes. She left the manor stopping at Solarian’s memorial, she sang his favorite song leaving her favorite instrument, and her old life behind. She journeyed past the FeyWild out to the mortal world with few supplies, her husband’s sword and his last letter.

After a few years honing her skills of gathering information. She heard about an Eladrin training a Genasi who had ran into trouble with some Drow. Her curiosity piqued she tracked Vyrsonik.

Shy'aire Starblade

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